Not getting enough sleep is one of life’s cruelties. Whether you have trouble falling asleep in the first place, or constantly wake up during the night, insomnia can be a lonely and frustrating condition – especially if you consequently spend all day exhausted.

An occasional night with too little sleep can make you irritable and lack focus the next day, but the impact of long-term sleep deprivation on our health can be quite damaging, making you more prone to serious medical conditions.

If it’s sleep you’re after, they recommend keeping your bedroom dark and at around 18.5ºC and taking regular exercise, as well as these other remedies…

Herbs can relax the mind help to induce sleep and reduce disturbed sleep patterns.

Valerian (a flowering plant) is strongly sedative on the central nervous system and relaxes the internal organs (avoid with sleep-inducing medication). Take 2.5–5ml tincture twice in a little water between 6pm and bedtime.

The No 1 Herb recommended is Valerian which is the main herb in Niks Tea Bedtime Kiss Sleep Herbal Tea which we’ve blended with soothing Peppermint Tea & Lemon Balm. It’s available on our website  and Tesco in many Health Stores, online , Supervalu in loose Tea form & Bio-Degradable Tea Bags.

Our customers report feeling great after a few days of deeper sleep and really feel the benefits.