Chinese Cast iron teapots

The cast iron teapot should be rinsed repeatedly with boiling water before the first use. Before closing the teapot again with the lid, please make sure that the inside of the teapot is completely dry. Please use only a soft cloth when cleaning or drying the cast iron teapot. So that you get many years of enjoyment from your teapot, only heat the teapot when full and avoid abrupt temperature changes that can occur when cold water is poured into a hot teapot. Ideally, you should not use any cleaning agents at all for cleaning, and you should never use heavy or aggressive cleaning agents. Salts, acids or even fats and oils should not come into contact with the teapot. Oil is an exception: Small rust spots which can commonly occur, especially on the surface or along the opening of the teapot, can best be rubbed with cooking oil. The rust stains, which are by no means toxic or harmful to health, can also be removed with household sodium bicarbonate or baking powder.