Specially selected long Green  Sencha tea leaves in silk pyramid tea bags

Naturally Aromatic Leaves bursting with flavour.

Light yellow coloured refreshing & light tea

Green Tea is Rich in anti Oxidants, vitamins B & C, & Detox properties.
Green Tea is a well-know metabolism booster, that’s energising  and burns fat.

Catechin polyphenols are another chemical naturally found in green tea that aid weight loss by helping to boost your body’s fat-burning potential. This worksby reducing the amount of glucose absorbed into fat cells.

Green sencha: lowers blood pressure, helps stimulate cognition, skin care, oral health

Tea Ingredients: 100% Green Tea

Brewing:  infuse for 5 mins

Certified Organic

Tea Bags 100% Plastic Free & Bio degradable.  Made in Dublin . Generous 2-2.5g in each serving.