Organic Matcha Chai Latte 250g (10 Servings)

Organic Matcha Chai Latte 250g (10 Servings)


Organic Matcha Chai Latte 250g (10 Servings)

Made from high-quality, organically grown ingredients, this chai latte offers a refreshing and invigorating taste experience. The ingredient, matcha, not only gives the drink its typical green color, but also an intense and unique taste. Enjoy this delicious Chai Latte “Green Milk” for a delicious start to the day or enjoy replenishing your energy throughout the day.

We attach great importance to natural ingredients and don’t work with anything artificial or chemical. You will not find any additives such as stabilizers, emulsifiers, E-numbers or similar – just PURE NATURE.

By the way, you can enjoy our  chai latte all year round, hot or cold. Just try it!




Organic Matcha Chai Latte 250g (10 Servings)

Marc & Kay :Quality is our top priority.

Only selected, controlled organic raw materials are used.

Out of passion for highest indulgence in sweet drinks, the organic manufactory Marc and Kay was founded in 2014. The delicious chai-creations and alluring drinking chocolates from this manufactory are only made of natural ingredients. There are various flavours to discover.

Preparation: Chai Latte Matcha – Green Milk is best mixed in hot milk – ideally with a small whisk. Dissolve 2  teaspoons in 200 ml of hot water or hot milk (max. 80° C), stir and enjoy!

Store in a cool and dry place.


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